repairing a home in New York State

Prolong the beauty and strength of your masonry with proper repairs

Even with the highest quality construction, the need for repairs will always exist. Ground shifts and settling, normal wear and tear and environmental factors can all contribute to the need for repair. Repairs of concrete, brick and stone take an incredible amount of skill to ensure the structural and aesthetics of the repair are long-lasting. Types of repairs that Blue Maple Masonry work on include:

  • Concrete Cracks
  • Mortar Cracks
  • Unstable or Caved-in Walls
  • Loose Stone Facades
  • Soot Stains on Fireplace Mantles
  • Crumbling Archways and Paths

If you have a concrete, brick or stone feature in your home that is in dire need of attention, trust Blue Maple Masonry to make quality masonry repairs to restore your blocks or stones to like-new condition.

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